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Service & Outreach

Strategic Goal 3: Service and Outreach

Our goal is to develop community outreach, alumni engagement, and co-curricular programs that meet the healthcare needs of people in our communities 

Key Objectives

Build comprehensive partnerships with key healthcare organizations to expand patient care, community outreach, residency training, and clinical research


  • Develop and implement reimbursement models for clinical services
  • Strengthen and expand post-graduate programs
  • Expand clinical research partnerships
  • Align and strengthen the co-curricular program to leverage alumni participation and community outreach activities
  • Use “heat map” of issues across South Texas to collaborate with regional partners to address needs
  • Expand the preceptor continuing education (CE) program to include a concentration on residency preceptor development

Promote the impact that pharmacists, faculty, students, residents, and alumni have on the community


  • Develop a strong social presence to highlight School activities and community involvement
  • Support and participate in advocacy activities
  • Achieve state, national, and international recognition in professional organizations

Deepen engagement with alumni and track and recognize their impact in the community


  • Establish a Rangel School of Pharmacy Alumni Association
  • Track and recognize alumni impact on the profession and community
  • Engage alumni in didactic, experiential, mentoring, and research activities