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Resources and Financial Stability

Strategic Goal 4: Resources and Financial Stability

Our goal is to diversify, maximize, and manage resources in support of our educational and research mission and deliver improved operational practices and financial pro forma.

Key Objectives (Strategic Directions)

Maximize and optimize the human and capital resources to attain the mission and goals


  • Recruit and retain outstanding and motivated faculty and staff
  • Develop and disseminate annual department/unit reports (faculty/staff retention; space utilization)
  • Identify the needs for educational and research space and optimize their utilization

Identify and implement strategies to improve financial pro forma by diversified sources of funding


  • Seek student scholarship funds
  • Facilitate access to funding from individuals, foundations, corporations, and other external entities
  • Develop at least one funding proposal every quarter (four per year); increase by 25 percent every year in the following years
  • Establish and maintain individual giving (employee giving; student giving; and alumni giving) campaigns

Increase operational and functional efficiencies of all units/departments


  • Develop and implement productive, cost-effective joint/adjunct faculty appointments
  • Develop and monitor department and unit budgets for cost-effective operations
  • Develop and disseminate annual financial report, including revenue and expense categories
  • Perform regular reviews of activity and workflow analyses