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Resources and Financial Stability

Strategic Goal 4: Resources and Financial Stability

Our goal is to diversify and sustain revenue streams through incorporation of new education programs, development of clinical and research enterprises, and increasing extramural funding and contracts with industry partners while optimizing resource utilization and operational efficiencies of all departments

Key Objectives 

Expand educational programs


  • Develop Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS)
  • Develop Pharmacy Technician Certification (CPhT) programs
  • Develop pharmacy certificate program (clinical or research) for international students and pharmacists
  • Optimize the use of resident resources by increasing their participation in curriculum and co-curriculum activities

Development of Clinical Enterprise


  • Develop clinical practice agreements for “co-funded” clinical faculty
  • Develop billable clinical services with clinical affiliates that allow for revenue sharing
  • Explore options for providing pharmacy services for student and employee health

Develop and enhance the research enterprise


  • Establish the School of Pharmacy research infrastructure to an Office of Research and set the research agenda for the RSOP.  School will benefit from dedicated leadership to understand, integrate, broaden research, prepare national/ international speakers, fellows, thought leaders with dedicated time for emerging leaders
  • Establish and maintain grant development and support infrastructure that facilitates the submission of a good number of grant applications
  • Stimulate and support faculty research through a variety of grants (e.g. seed, training, foundation, program/center, bridge) and public/private partnerships
  •  Utilize SOP new graduate program and GMP manufacturing capabilities combined with TAMU enterprise to recruit highly qualified, best in the field established researchers as well as highly talented junior faculty through targeted searchers. Determine the top three areas of research in which to invest over the next five years. Develop shared instrumentation proposals and secure funding. Develop and execute a marketing plan for the research enterprise

Optimizing resource utilization and operational efficiencies of all departments


  • Maximize productivity through efficient utilization of human resources
  • Develop and disseminate annual department reports (e.g., faculty and staff retention, space utilization)
  • Identify the needs for educational and research resources and optimize their utilization
  • Perform annual cost analysis to ensure and enhance optimal utilization of resources