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Research and Scholarship

Strategic Goal 2: Research and Scholarship

Our goal is to establish collaborations and partnerships that foster research and scholarship productivity and contribute to the advancement of the basic, clinical and translational sciences. Aspire to be amongst the top quadrant of best research institutions as listed in the US News and World Report as well as AACP ranking in terms of research funding

Key Objectives 

Develop and enhance the research enterprise


  • Establish an Office of Research and set the research agenda for the School of Pharmacy
  • Establish and maintain grant development and support infrastructure that facilitates the submission of adequate, meritorious grant applications
  • Utilize new PhD graduate program and GMP manufacturing capabilities combined with TAMU enterprise to recruit highly qualified, best in the field established researchers as well as highly talented junior faculty through targeted searchers
  • Determine the top three areas of research in which to invest over the next 5 years
  • Secure funding through the development of shared instrumentation proposals 
  • Develop and execute a marketing plan for the research enterprise. Organize research enterprise
  • Stimulate and support faculty research through a variety of grants (e.g., seed, training, foundation, program/center, bridge) and public/private partnerships

Design and implement a faculty research mentorship program for pharmaceutical scientists and clinicians


  • Determine structure, function, and core content for research mentorship program (e.g., mandatory vs. voluntary, assignment of mentors, one-on-one vs. group activities, scheduling of events like grant writing workshops)
  • Identify potential mentors for pharmaceutical scientists and clinicians
  • Define metrics for tracking progress and success of faculty related to research (e.g., number of grants submitted, scored and funded; number of publications and high impact publications; number of patents issued and products licensed; number of start-up companies established, etc.)

Develop research collaborations across TAMU and beyond


  • Update faculty research interests annually and put last updated date on each faculty web page
  • Involve faculty in research collaborations that are in alignment with the SOP research agenda
  • Increase communication and professionally productive interactions between SOP and other TAMU researchers through a variety of means (e.g., sharing an annual research program report with other TAMU colleges, hosting a campus-wide research seminar, etc.)

Expand clinical research in alignment with the research agenda for the School of Pharmacy and establish an infrastructure of support it


  • Recruit clinical faculty that are established scientists and have had success obtaining grants
  • Establish a clinical trials office (possibly as part of the Office of Research or HSC), determine manpower needs to conduct clinical trials, and hire essential staff
  • Create research sections in Pharmacy Practice to foster collaborations within the department and across campuses
  • Facilitate relationships with faculty in Pharmaceutical Sciences and physicians at practice sites to stimulate research collaborations