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Aggie Pharmacy Technician Program

About the Aggie Pharmacy Technician Program (PTP)

The Texas A&M University Irma Lerma Rangel School of Pharmacy is proud to announce the new Aggie Pharmacy Technician Program (PTP). This program was created to help solve the serious pharmacy technician shortage problem in Texas, a shortage expected to grow even more in the next 10 years. The Rangel School of Pharmacy is eager to be a part of the solution to this problem.

The Rangel School of Pharmacy opened in fall 2006 with a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program. Since the very beginning, we have been exceptional in meeting our mission. The Aggie PTP program too will be outstanding as we have developed this program to meet the gold standard accreditation requirements of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

The Aggie PTP curriculum spans 17 weeks and is based on the apprenticeship model where students practice in retail or hospital pharmacies what they learn in the classroom and lab. When students begin the practice phase, they will become pharmacy technician trainees.

Program Requirements

For Admission

  1. Be a high school graduate, earned a GED diploma, or is currently a high school senior.
  2. Meet TSI/TSIA college readiness standards or meet TSI/TSIA exemption standards [1].
  3. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 on the high school or college transcript or a passing score on the GED test[2].
  4. Submit the admissions application. 
  5. Submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher or employer.
  6. Successfully complete the criminal background checks and drug screening.

For Experiential Rotation

  1. Obtain the Texas State Board of Pharmacy Technician Trainee Registration.
  2. Maintain health insurance and complete the required immunizations.

If you are an international student, please contact us at


Program Schedule

Block 1: Weeks 1 – 5

Break: Week 6

Block 2: Weeks 7 – 10

Break: Week 11

Block 3: Weeks 12 – 17

•   Professionalism and the Role of the Pharmacy Technician

•   Pharmacy Law and Ethics

•   Community Pharmacy Practice

•   Institutional Pharmacy Practice

•   Communications



•   Calculations

•   Dosage Forms and Compounding

•   Pharmacotherapy and Disease Processes

•   Point of Care Testing and Immunizations

•   Safety, Resources and Emergency Preparedness


•   Technician Certification Exam Review and Resumes, Interviewing, and Advocacy

•   180 Experiential Hours, approximately 36 hours per week

[1] For the details on the college readiness benchmark scores and the TSI/TSIA exemptions, please visit this Texas Education Agency page:

[2] The passing score is different based on when the GED exam was taken. For more information, please visit this Texas Education Agency page:

Application Process

  1. Complete and submit the online admissions application form, and required documents, here.
  2. RSOP notifies candidates for interview.
  3. RSOP notifies admitted students.
  4. Students accept the admission offer.

For additional information or questions, please fill out the prospective student form.


The total tuition cost for this program is $4,000 plus a non-refundable $25 application fee. There will be merit-based and needs-based scholarships to offset this tuition cost.

Important Dates

 Summer 2024 Semester
Application Deadline
Sunday, March 31, 2024
Admissions Decisions Made
Every week, as applications are received
Scholarship Offers Made
Beginning from second week of January 2024 through April 2024
 Program Starts 
Monday, May 13, 2024
 Program Ends 
Friday, August 30, 2024


How long is the Aggie Pharmacy Technician Program (PTP)?

The program is 17 weeks long and is made up of three blocks. Each block is five weeks long. In between Block 1 and Block 2, there is a one-week break. There is another one-week break in between Block 2 and Block 3.

What is the curriculum?

The Aggie PTP will train all students to work at a retail or hospital pharmacy as an entry-level pharmacy technician. During Blocks 1 and 2, students are introduced to the profession of pharmacy technician and develop various skills by completing 10 classroom and lab courses. Then, during Block 3, students become apprentices in retail or hospital pharmacies: under the direction of a pharmacist and/or pharmacy technician, they practice what they learned during the first two blocks in a real pharmacy setting. Some students will be paid apprentices.

What is the employment outlook for pharmacy technicians?

The average hourly wage for pharmacy technicians in Texas was $19.53 in 2022 and the average annual wage was $40,620. Texas has the third highest pharmacy technician employment level in the US.

Source: Pharmacy Technicians Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,

How much will it cost to complete the Aggie PTP?

The program cost is made up of a non-refundable application fee, program tuition, one book for the entire program, and a device such as a laptop, iPad, or desktop computer you will need for the entire program. Please see the table below.

Application fee





$111, new book, lower price is possible

Laptop, iPad, or desktop computer

$500, an estimate and if needed

 Are there scholarships?

Yes! There will be scholarships awarded based on merit and financial needs. The admissions application already contains questions that will be used to determine scholarship awards. It is possible to receive a scholarship equal to the full tuition.

There are other pharmacy technician programs. Why should I choose the Aggie PTP over the other ones?

The Aggie PTP stands out because of many reasons:

  • We are seeking ASHP/ACPE accreditation. Getting accredited by ASHP/ACPE ensures quality and compliance with their standards.
  • Plus, we uphold the high Texas A&M Aggie standards.
  • It is a 17-week program. This length is shorter than many other programs.
  • Our tuition is about half as much as the average cost of a pharmacy technician program in Texas.
  • Plus, there will be paid apprenticeship opportunities with local pharmacy partners. So, during Block 3, there are opportunities to earn while you learn.
  • We provide APhA Immunization Delivery training for technicians. After completing our program, students will be certified to administer certain immunizations.
  • Courses are taught by the Irma Lerma Rangel School of Pharmacy PharmD and PhD faculty.
  • To ensure student success, we provide academic support through PharmD peer mentors and other supplemental instructors.

How do I get more information about the Aggie PTP?

Complete the prospective student form available here. You can also email us at to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting.

Dr. Andrea Mora
Aggie PTP Program Director

Dr. Elaine Demps
Aggie PTP Program Manager

ph: 361.221.0961

Dr. Mohammad Nutan
Program Development Director