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School of Pharmacy Memorial Wall

About the School of Pharmacy Memorial Wall

The School of Pharmacy strives to cultivate a culture of excellence in research, practice and patient care in each professional student enrolled in our pharmacy program. We like to call ourselves a Pharmily, a group of pharmacy students and professionals who make each other feel supported, welcome and valued. The Pharmily follows a set of Core Values, which solidify their connection and bond them for the entirety of their careers and beyond. Values like community, compassion and respect, which have led members of the student body to request a way to honor those members of the Pharmily who are no longer with us.
The School of Pharmacy Memorial Wall will stand as a symbol to honor and recognize those who dutifully lived their aggie core values, exemplified compassionate care, served others and strove to follow the mission of the school. This memorial is dedicated to those who have passed, to honor their professionalism, sacrifice and duty of those in pursuit of becoming an aggie pharmacist, and those who left a lasting impact on the school. The memorial wall will commemorate those students and members of the school community that are not here today but who are forever present in our Pharmily.


  • Students currently enrolled at Texas A&M School of Pharmacy
  • Faculty or staff member who has completed at least 7 years of service to the School; exemplifies the Aggie Core Values, as well as contributed to the mission of the School; and passed away while working at the SOP.
  • Former students currently working in the field of pharmacy who have displayed the Aggie Core Values or made exceptional advances in the field of pharmacy
*Special circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis

Nomination Process

To nominate an individual for inclusion on the wall, a nomination form must be submitted here.
After the nomination form is submitted it will be reviewed by a School committee for recommendation to the Dean. The committee will review applications twice a year. A nomination must be approved by family member, “next of kin” to be considered.

Deadlines to Submit

  • Additions to Memorial Wall in Fall term – Nomination deadline is May 1st prior to the Fall semester
  • Additions to Memorial Wall in the Spring term – Nomination deadline is October 1st prior to the Spring Semester

Memorial Ceremonies & Facility Policies

  • All memorial ceremonies will be approved and coordinated by the School.  The grounds of the memorial wall will be maintained by the School and follow all university and system rules in regards to facility policies.  Items that are not approved or that do not meet system policies will be removed.


  • 2.5” letters = Roughly $20.00 per letter in name as it will appear
*For purposes of this policy there are two categories of memorial objects, Benefactor and Honorific. Benefactor refers to a donor paying for it. Honorific is something that is done by the request of a department, division, or nominator that does not have any donor sponsorship. If you would like to work with the School for an honorific inclusion, please email the SOP Dean’s office for guidance.