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The Legacy of Dr. Robertson

James Robertson Jr., 59, who was a cornerstone to the Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy, died after complications from pneumonia on Nov. 21, 2012, in Corpus Christi, Texas.

"It has been a painful and terrible loss to his friends and colleagues at the college and all over the world, but his legacy will live on forever," said Indra Reddy, Ph.D., professor and founding dean of the Texas A&M Rangel College of Pharmacy, who knew Robertson for more than 18 years. "We all miss James and his warmth, his wisdom and his wonderful company. He began his journey with the college in 2005 and helped entrench a strong foundation for student services for our past, present and future classes at the Rangel College."

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Professional student pharmacists share their thoughts about Dr. Robertson.

  • “He made everyone feel like an individual that mattered and not just a number at the school.” Class of 2015
  • “Dr. Robertson was an inspiration to the students of the Rangel College of Pharmacy. From the way he spoke, to his dress style, Dr. Robertson was someone to look up to.” Class of 2015
  • Dr. Robertson was “the Man with the Smooth Voice.” He went out of his way to make students comfortable and confident in themselves.” Class of 2017
  • Dr. Robertson was the definition of professionalism and instilled the desire in students to have the ability to maximize your potential. Class of 2015
  • Dr. Robertson had the profound ability to instill true professionalism and a depth of character into each student under his guidance. Class of 2015
  • “Dr. Robertson was always there to be our voice, he was our biggest advocate and supporter and someone we will never forget.”Class of 2015
  • “ I will always remember Dr. Robertson as a mentor who brought out the best in each of his students. He helped shape us into the professionals we have become.” Class of 2013
  • “Dr. Robertson was the person we always turned to in times of need. He was always available to talk to students and help us get through difficult times.” Class of 2015
  • Dr. Robertson was an incredible individual who had a way of making everyone feel important. I admire his compassionate nature and the way he carried himself as a mentor, professional, and leader. I am fortunate to have known him and I know I will be a better pharmacist because of him. Class of 2015