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Dr. George Udeani's Lab

Research Goals

Dr. George Udeani’s research focuses in:

Translational Research, Drug Discovery, and Drug Development (Pre-Clinical & Phase I-IV Clinical Trials)
In these areas, Dr. Udeani focuses on turning research observations made in the laboratory, clinic, and community into interventions (i.e., diagnostics, therapeutics, and medical procedures) that improve health outcomes. Additionally, Dr. Udeani is engaged in preclinical studies in animal models leading to drug discovery and development. Dr. Udeani’s research group has the capabilities of conducting Phases I-IV clinical trials in a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Lab Funding

  • A randomized controlled study to assess SARS CoV-2 infection, viral shedding, and subsequent potential transmission in university students immunized with Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine; Funded by the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIH) (SSU00145690).
  • Reducing healthcare workers absenteeism in SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic by Enhanced trained immune responses through Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccination, a randomized trial. Agency: TAMU in collaboration with Harvard, MD Anderson and Baylor College of Medicine; Funded by Texas A&M University Office of the Chancellor (NCT04348370).

Recent Publications

  • Silva P, Jacobs D, Kriak J, Abu-Baker A, Udeani G, Neal G, Ramos K. Implementation of Pharmacogenomics and Artificial Intelligence Tools for Chronic Disease Management in Primary Care Setting. Journal of Personalized Medicine. 2021 Jun;11(6):443.
  • Panahi L, Udeani G, Horseman M, Weston J, Samuel N, Joseph M, Mora A, Bazan D. Review of medical therapies for the management of pulmonary embolism. Medicina. 2021 Feb;57(2):110.
  • Mbadugha UJ, Surani S, Akuffo N, Udeani G. Antimicrobial therapy for pneumonia or fluid overload? Cureus. 2021 Jan;13(1).
  • Kalani C, Awudi E, Alexander T, Udeani G, Surani S. Evaluation of the efficacy of direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) in comparison to warfarin in morbidly obese patients. Hospital Practice. 2019 Aug 8;47(4):181-5.
  • Deol HS, Surani SR, Udeani G. Inter-rater reliability of the ramsay sedation scale for critically-ill intubated patients. Cureus. 2019 Oct;11(10).
  • Donald BJ, Surani S, Deol HS, Mbadugha UJ, Udeani G. Spotlight on solithromycin in the treatment of community-acquired bacterial pneumonia: design, development, and potential place in therapy. Drug design, development and therapy. 2017;11:3559.
  • Kaye KS, Udeani G, Cole P, Friedland HD. Ceftaroline fosamil for the treatment of hospital-acquired pneumonia and ventilator-associated pneumonia. Hospital Practice. 2015 Jul 3;43(3):144-9.
  • Udeani G, Evans J, Cole P, Friedland HD. Ceftaroline fosamil for the treatment of community-acquired bacterial pneumonia in elderly patients. Hospital Practice. 2014 Aug 1;42(3):109-15.
  • Evans JD, Udeani G, Cole P, Friedland HD. Ceftaroline fosamil for the treatment of acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections in obese patients. Postgraduate medicine. 2014 Sep 1;126(5):128-34.
  • Ramani A, Udeani G, Evans J, Jandourek A, Cole P, Smith A, David Friedland H. Contemporary use of ceftaroline fosamil for the treatment of community-acquired bacterial pneumonia: CAPTURE study experience. Journal of Chemotherapy. 2014 Aug 1;26(4):229-34.

Lab Members

Department of Pharmacy Practice Faculty

Long-Acting Injectable Antiretrovirals At The Pharmacy

Patient Study

Long-acting HIV medicines are now available, but some of these have to be given by injection at a clinic or doctor’s office. Our study is looking for persons with HIV to give opinions on receiving long-acting antiretroviral injections at a community pharmacy. Click the link to find out more!

Patient Recruitment Flyer

Clinician Study

Our study is looking for clinic staff and community pharmacy staff persons to give their opinion on having long-acting injectable HIV medicines administered within community pharmacies. Click the link to find out more!

Pharmacist Clinician Recruitment Flyer