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Problem Early Alert Network

The Problem Early Alert (PEA) Network is a partnership between students and the assistant or associate deans of academic and student affairs and select faculty members who work together to recognize potential academic problems in specific courses or with individual student progression.  

The team surveys student achievement and attendance in courses, takes immediate and appropriate corrective action when a student deficiency is identified by an academic alert and develops strategies to improve student achievement and retention.

Possible benefits of the activities of the PEA Network are:

  • Potential problems may be detected earlier in the semester, allowing time to devise and implement strategies to keep a student on track.
  • Constant monitoring of each student’s academic progression may help to develop a strategy for improving the academic performance of students with deficiencies.  
  • Faculty development opportunities may be discovered through this process.
  • Self-directed learning skills can be enhanced in students who may need it.
  • Positive results can serve as an objective gauge of the college meeting its student-centered mission.