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Residency and Fellowship Placement of Texas A&M Pharmacy Students and Alumni

2023 Placements

Arnold-Molina-web.jpg Arnold Molina
CHRISTUS Spohn Shoreline

"Prior to pharmacy school, I had no experience in the field. Throughout my didactic career, I was pleased to learn about the various opportunities that pharmacy has to offer. It wasn’t until my P3 year that I considered applying for residency. The Irma Lerma Rangel School of Pharmacy has given me the opportunity to meet and work under amazing preceptors and mentors. It was because of the love and support of these mentors that I chose to pursue residency. I’m happy to say that I have been accepted to my first choice, CHRISTUS Spohn Shoreline Hospital in Corpus Christi. My advice for those who are reluctant about pursing residency would be to continue to work hard and show your willingness to learn. This speaks volumes and never goes unrecognized."

Shirley-Lee-web.jpg Shirley Lee
University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Health

"Texas A&M School of Pharmacy has a strong community where everyone is encouraging and supportive of one another. With the resources and leadership opportunities provided by the school, I was able to become more competitive as a pharmacy candidate. As my mentor used to say, “It is best to be prepared so that you would be ready when an opportunity presents itself, as opposed to waiting until there is one to do so."

Victoria-Tarbutton-web.jpg Victoria Tarbutton
DHR Track B Ambulatory Care Program

"Throughout my three years of didactic learning, I was unsure of what fate awaited post-graduation. During my APPE rotations, I realized I had a great desire to continue my clinical knowledge and advance the growth of my clinical judgement. To become a competitive residency candidate, I turned to my preceptors, upperclassmen, and faculty for guidance and feedback in the application process. These factors alongside student organizations, workshops, and leadership opportunities the school provided shaped me into a well-rounded student. This process was not without its challenges— I needed a good deal of support to balance the school/work life. This would not be possible without the unfaltering love and encouragement from my family and friends. Reflecting on my career as a pharmacy student and the wonderful mentors I’ve encountered, I have learned that regardless of where we are in our pharmacy careers we can always be learning. It is important to discover and use what is available to you. The helping hands and resources exist, it is up to us to show the courage and leverage them."

Ishimwe-Masozera-web.jpg Ishimwe Masozera
Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center

"From the start of my P1 year at Texas A&M Rangel SOP, my goal was to obtain a PGY1 residency position. There were times when I would feel discouraged, and thought I may not be competitive enough to get in, and with that, I reached out to several professors for assistance. They were all very willing to offer me research opportunities, inform me about conferences to help build my network, and as a P4, review my residency application which was extremely helpful. My greatest piece of advice would be to persevere and reach out to others, as that is I how I have made it to where I am today."

Brianna-Perez-web.jpg Brianna Perez
St. David's Medical Center

"Like many of my peers in pharmacy school I knew I wanted to be a pharmacist, but I was unsure of my specific career path. I had limited pharmacy related experience and I felt as if I was starting from the ground up. Texas A&M School of Pharmacy provided me with such an incredible community that I was able to network and discover what career path best suited me early in my didactics. Interprofessional collaboration is such a vital part of A&M’s curriculum, I grew to realize that this was a large reason as to why I pursued a residency. Quickly, I took advantage of opportunities to make myself a desirable candidate. With that being said, at the end of my P3 year I graduated from University of Texas at Rio Grande with a Master’s in Health Informatics and began the Longitudinal APPE program with Ascension Texas. These events along with the curriculum at Texas A&M School of Pharmacy have shaped me to one day be a successful clinical pharmacist."

Jason-Maille-web.jpg Jason Maille
PGY-2 Medication Use Safety & Policy - Dana Farber Cancer Institute

""As I near completion of my PGY-1 residency, I often find myself reflecting on the role Texas A&M has made on my career. The support I have received through faculty, preceptors, and colleagues throughout the last 5 years is immense. Our school provides us the tools necessary to be eternal learners. APPEs and my PGY-1 have helped teach how to use these tools to best serve patients. While I am still the same playful self I was coming into pharmacy school, I have been taught important lessons in professionalism, competence, and humility. At each step of my education, I find that I possess new traits, skills, and characteristics that I have learned from those surrounding me. Later this year I will become a second year resident specializing in medication-use safety and policy. I will be developing these skills from a great team of preceptors at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. I would not be where I am today if it not for Texas A&M and my mentors at my PGY-1 facility. A special shout out goes to Dr. Ladan Panahi for inspiring me to pursue residencies, teaching me how to publish, and dedicating her time to my revising CVs/Letters of intents. “Every person that you meet knows something you don't; learn from them.” - H. Jackson Brown Jr."

Jiz-Jacob-web.jpg Jiz Jacob
The Children's Hospital of San Antonio

"At the beginning of my pharmacy school journey, I was unaware of the various opportunities available in the field of pharmacy. At the time, I believed I would be working in a community setting after graduation. As I became more involved in the various student organizations, I discovered that there were so many other possibilities within the pharmacy field. This eventually led to my decision to pursue pediatric pharmacy and pharmacy residency. Texas A&M School of Pharmacy played a pivotal role in my residency application process, and the faculty/preceptors also provided me invaluable advice. I was able to become a well-rounded residency candidate through my involvement in various student organizations, research experience, and conferences, helping me match with the residency program of my choice!"

Mackenzie-McBeth-web.jpg Mackenzie McBeth
CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital - Tyler, Texas

"Upon entering pharmacy school, I was unaware of the current opportunities and growth within the world of pharmacy. Through the beginning of my experiences in didactic learning and IPPEs, my career goals started to grow and change from the path I had in mind. My eyes were opened to the impact of interdisciplinary teams and the role of a pharmacist can play if truly utilized to our fullest potential. I then made the decision to pursue opportunities to become a clinical pharmacist. My knowledge of hospital pharmacy grew from the help of student organizations as well as faculty mentors. Beginning my APPE’s 4th year with a hospital rotation and a great preceptor only further cemented my goals. A&M has provided me opportunities that will forever impact my career and clinical practice. With the help of preceptor mentors, I was able to pursue a PGY-1 residency and match at CHRISTUS Mother Frances in Tyler Texas. I can’t thank all of those that have impacted my future enough but a special thanks to Dr.’s Trager Hintze, Nephy Samuel, Amy Savarino, Rachel Lovett, and Liz Prochaska for their help and guidance throughout to process of the residency match. The process can be overwhelming at times but also so rewarding if you put in the work and have a passion for pharmacy and patient care. Thank you Texas A&M School of Pharmacy for the impact you have made on my future."

Koren-Dunn-web.png Koren Dunn
University of Houston College of Pharmacy - Academic Pharmacy Fellowship

""From a young age, I was passionate about teaching and mentorship. During pharmacy school, I quickly realized my two passions for pharmacy and teaching could coexist. After working closely with multiple professors at Texas A&M, I gained a deeper understanding of the remarkable impact that a professor can have on both the profession and the development of pharmacists within it. After receiving my Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel School of Pharmacy in 2022, I went on to pursue a PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Temple, Texas. During pharmacy residency, my enthusiasm for teaching grew immensely when I was able to participate in academic experiences such as precepting third- and fourth-year pharmacy students, facilitating skills labs, teaching a lecture, creating exam questions, assisting in grading, engaging in curriculum development, and serving on the Interprofessional Education committee at Texas A&M School of Pharmacy. Through my experiences as a fourth-year pharmacy student at Memorial Hermann- Texas Medical Center and as a resident at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center, I have had the privilege of caring for diverse, underserved, and high-acuity patient populations. Above all, I have found it very rewarding to be able to impart knowledge to other students and inspire lifelong learners, as my preceptors and mentors did for me.

Sophia-Fontana-web.jpg Sophia Fontana
Ascension, Seton Dell Children's Medical Center PGY1 - Pediatric Focus

Ashley-Ferris-web.jpg Ashley Ferris
University of Kentucky-Good Samaritan Hospital

"Throughout my time in pharmacy school, it became more clear that clinical pharmacy was the path I wanted to pursue. Additionally, my involvement as a leader in the student organizations allowed me to discover my passion for leadership within the field of pharmacy. The professors and preceptors affiliated with the School of Pharmacy provided invaluable insight and mentorship when it came time to narrow down the path I wanted to take to reach my career goals. The school also provided an abundance of resources that allowed me engage with residency programs outside of the state and prepare for the applications. The opportunities and resources provided throughout my didactic and clinical rotations equipped me with the skills to successfully match with a residency program where I will continue to grow in this next chapter of my career."

Hoang,-Uyen-web.jpg Uyen Hoang
Boston Medical Center

"When I was a P1 at orientation, I remember the current students sharing about their leadership roles, internship experiences, research publications, and intentions to pursue clinical pharmacy. Knowing how competitive the profession was, I remember thinking that I would never be competent enough to be a clinical pharmacist. To reminisce four years later as an incoming PGY1 pharmacy resident, having since served as class representative, become an inpatient pharmacy technician, completed the CVS Spanish Immersion internship, and completed the Houston Methodist Hospital LAPPE program, makes me proud that I was able to do more than what I thought I was capable of. Texas A&M School of Pharmacy provided me with numerous extracurricular opportunities and professional development seminars to be a competitive residency candidate. I am thankful for my professors and administrators for providing me with interview preparations, letters of recommendation, personal advice, and impactful therapeutics classes that made me feel prepared for rotations and endeavoring residency. Most importantly, I am forever thankful for the friends I met in pharmacy school for keeping me accountable, motivated, and comforted these last four years. I feel really lucky to have had my Aggie community to lean on and attribute my success to their unwavering academic and emotional support. The coffee shop study groups, campus walks, and miscellaneous adventures around College Station are memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. My advice to pharmacy students who want to pursue residency is to go after opportunities even if they scare you. Run for that leadership position, apply for that job or internship, have a wide range of pharmacy experiences, and make the most out of your clinical rotations. You will gain invaluable skills, have interesting stories to share, build positive connections, and be able to stand out as a well-rounded residency candidate. You will surprise yourself with what you were able to accomplish in a short time, the interventions you made on rotations, the substantial personal growth actualized along the way, and the relationships you solidified that were steadfast in getting you to where you are now.

Sharma,-Trisha-web.jpg Trisha Sharma
Emory University Hospital

"Upon getting into pharmacy school, I realized there was so many paths I could take with my PharmD. After hearing from students and organizations, I quickly realized my interest was on the clinical side of things. The school created opportunities through competitions and organization involvement that really helped me practice clinical pharmacy skills and build myself into a well rounded candidate for residency programs. The faculty and preceptors were so supportive, and gave us resources to prepare for the residency process early. A lot of my success is credited to Dr. Hintze and Dr. Panahi who helped me understand and prepare for the whole process. They guided me in the right direction whether it was with advice or research opportunities or just to vent. My piece of advice to students trying to pursue residency is to advantage of every opportunity you are presented in your time at the school and during your rotations, and find initiatives you are passionate about and grow them further!"

Sarahi-Casas-web.jpg Sarahi Casas
DHR Health/Texas A&M Rangel School Of Pharmacy

"During my didactic curriculum I had limit myself to the pharmacy career opportunities until I began my APPE rotations. Throughout my rotations I realized I had a passion for patient care and enjoyed impacting patients life for the better. Texas A&M School of Pharmacy provided the guidance I needed to pursue residency even though I was late to the game. I lacked confidence at the beginning but received constant motivation by my preceptors and peers that led me to continue my journey. My professors provided research opportunities that was presented at Mid-year in Las Vegas. I received amazing feedback from my preceptors on my letter of intent, CV, and networking/interviewing tips. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to be successful in obtaining a residency at my top choice if it wasn’t for the preparation I acquired from Texas A&M. I am truly grateful for everyone who saw the potential in me when I didn’t. My advice is to attend as many events the school offers in order to figure out early on what is your passion, try to see where you can make the most impact in patients life’s and pursue it! Be confident in yourself and be your greatest advocate!"

Kimberly-Errisuriz-web.jpg Kimberly Errisuriz
South Texas Veterans Health Care System PGY1

"Going in to pharmacy school, I had no idea there was a large variety of jobs in pharmacy outside of community and hospital. Up until my third year of pharmacy school, I imagined myself with a career in community pharmacy. Through the various organizations on campus, I learned about the different pharmacy specialties including ambulatory care. After attending several volunteer events like Operation Lonestar and Project Shine, I realized I wanted to pursue a residency focusing on opportunities in ambulatory care. To prepare for the residency process I enrolled in the residency elective with Dr. Patel and completed a research project as an independent study with Dr. Bazan and Dr. Verduzco. With the support and guidance from these faculty members, my preceptors, friends, and family I was able to succeed throughout the stressful process. I want to thank everyone who guided me on this journey and led me to this next step in my pharmacy career. My advice to anyone applying for residency is don’t hesitate to ask for help along the way and believe in yourself. Don’t let imposter syndrome take over, you are capable of more than you think."

John,-Sharon-web.jpg Sharon John
Medical City at Plano

Jennifer-Nwosu-web.jpg Jennifer Nwosu
Howard/Genentech Post-Doctoral Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship

"In less than a month, I would be awarded my Doctorate of Pharmacy degree . I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and knowledge that Texas A&M University School of Pharmacy instilled in their students. Prior to starting the pharmacy curriculum, I had vague knowledge of the various pathways a pharmacist can endeavor on. Through the help from faculty, staff, and student organizations such as SNPhA, I’ve been able to decipher the path most suitable for me. With a long-standing interest in innovation, I decided to pursue a fellowship. By pursuing a fellowship, I’m able to contribute to evolving medicine, pursue both my professional and personal goals and improve the quality of life for patients globally. Although my journey to pursuing a fellowship was competitive, Texas A&M has help molded me into a strong competent applicant through providing valuable knowledge, hosting leadership workshops and encouraging students to partake in professional development activities such as mock interviews and CV reviews. Texas A&M provided with me an invaluable experience yielding positive results not only to my personal development but to my professional development as well. I’m eager to re-enter the professional sphere and apply my newfound qualifications and knowledge to the program."

Amin,-Khyati-web.jpg Khyati Amin
UTMB Health - PGY2 in Infectious Disease

Halliburton-web.jpg Sharon Halliburton
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus

"From the time I first toured the Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel School of Pharmacy, I knew this institution was a truly special place with incredible people, yet I could have never imagined just how impactful and enriching the next four years would be. The faculty and staff at the TAMU School of Pharmacy have been instrumental in building a strong foundation of pharmaceutical knowledge for our class, always dedicating their expertise and unique clinical experiences to help foster our growth. While the brilliance of our faculty and staff shines brightly, their continuous support for us as individuals is what truly illuminated our unique paths, whether it was through research projects or building our professional portfolios. An abundance of opportunities for growth were embedded into our pharmacy program, from cultivating leadership skills in student organizations to giving back through community service. When it was time to apply for LAPPE as a P3 and for residency as a P4, there were so many resources available at Texas A&M to help prepare for both the respective application and interview stages. Ultimately my journey at Texas A&M led me to the LAPPE program at Houston Methodist Hospital as a P4, followed by matching with the PGY1 residency program at Cleveland Clinic. Through our greatest achievements and our most stressful days, we always knew we had a team of support at the TAMU School of Pharmacy. Attending pharmacy school at Texas A&M not only equipped us with tools to practice pharmacy with excellence, but also gifted us with an incredible “pharmily” and lifelong friendships. I hold so much gratitude for my experiences at the Texas A&M School of Pharmacy and for the truly amazing people that made it so special."

Sharon-Jacob-web.jpg Sharon Jacob
Medical Safety and Risk Management at Agios Pharmaceuticals

"Before seeking mentorship and researching my options, I was unaware of the diverse range of opportunities that exist in the field of pharmacy beyond traditional roles. Through the support of professors like Dr. Rogers and a determination to explore new paths, I discovered a fellowship opportunity that matched my interests and skills perfectly. At first, I thought that I would not be able to obtain a fellowship due to a lack of industry experience and due to making my decision, which I thought at the time was, too late. I realized it's never too late to get started on a new path and leverage existing experiences to explore new opportunities. If you're feeling stuck or unsure about your career in pharmacy, I highly recommend seeking mentorship and doing your research to explore the range of possibilities available to you."

Chidinma-Ahiarah-web.jpg Chidinma Ahiarah
Oncology PGY2 - University of California - San Francisco

"The decision to pursue PGY2 can be exciting and also confounding. Although I am wonderfully supported at my current institution - I still feel comfortable reaching out to my mentors from the School of Pharmacy for their advice and perspectives. As a student at Texas A&M we are introduced to several Aggie Values and are reminded of the privilege that comes from being a part of the Aggie Family. I believe that the conscientiousness and focus on individual impact on legacy has served me well as a PGY1 and will continue to serve me as a PGY2. It is important to know that no matter where you are, you're representing not only yourself but the organizations you are affiliated with. I am excited for my future in my specialty and the opportunity to be an Aggie Pharmacist."

Sadera,-Cynthia-web.jpg Cynthia Sadera
Sanofi Global Regulatory Affairs

"I was drawn to the industry sector as I started pharmacy school because of my love of science and want to help advance the creation of life-saving medications. I was fortunate to secure a Global Regulatory Affairs internship with Janssen thanks to the tools of the school, and it was there that I decided what I wanted to do for a living. My ability to secure a fellowship in Global Regulatory Affairs with Sanofi was significantly aided by Texas A&M School of Pharmacy. The school helped me out by providing a range of educational and practical possibilities that improved my knowledge and abilities in the area of pharmaceuticals and regulatory affairs, such as: Strong academic programs: Texas A&M School of Pharmacy provided me with a strong foundation in the scientific and regulatory facets of the pharmaceutical industry through its challenging academic offerings in pharmacy and related subjects. Experiential learning opportunities: The school offered a variety of possibilities for experiential learning, including internships, research projects, and volunteer work, all of which helped me obtain practical experiences and enhance my résumé. Networking opportunities: The school offered me several opportunities to network with individuals working in the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory bodies, which aided me in creating relationships and learning about potential career paths. Career guidance: I was able to find and pursue fellowship opportunities in global regulatory affairs with the support of the school's career advisory services, which included resume and cover letter critiques, job search tools, and networking events. By utilizing these tools and resources, I improved my prospects of landing a fellowship with Sanofi and developed the knowledge, abilities, and experiences necessary to be successful in the field of global regulatory affairs."

Kelly-St.-Rose-web.jpg Kelly St. Rose
PGY2-Pharmacy Informatics-HCA Healthcare

Emily-Profile-web.jpg Emily Wong
Rutgers/Sanofi US Trade and Market Access Fellowship

Past Placements