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Dr. Mohammad Nutan's Lab

Research Goals

The Nutan lab focuses on three areas:

  • Preformulation and stability studies
  • Formulation studies
  • Analytical studies 

Preformulation and stability studies
Preformulation studies are performed to physicochemically characterize new active and inactive ingredients. Stability studies are done to determine the shelf life of products. Our lab performs both studies involving drug and drug products. We also have experience in synthesizing and conducting physical, chemical, and mechanical characterization of polymers and preparing and performing physical characterization of polymeric dispersions for coating solid dosage forms.

Formulation studies
This is our primary area of research. We have expertise in developing any type of drug products including tablets, capsules, beads, microparticles, and injectable implant systems with optimum properties utilizing Quality by Design approach. We also developed various complex drug delivery systems for (i) improving bioavailability of drugs, e.g., solid-lipid nanoparticles of curcumin, semisolid preparations of mefenamic acid coprecipitates for topical delivery, self-nanoemulsified systems of coenzyme Q10 and ergocalciferol, bilayered tablet of salmon calcitonin and (ii) controlled release of drugs, e.g., multiparticulate bead system coated with starch acetate, osmotic tablets for intestinal drug delivery of salmon calcitonin, in situ injectable and microparticle formulations containing biocompatible polymers, and mucoadhesive microparticles of indomethacin.

Analytical studies
Our lab also has expertise in analyzing formulation and biological samples containing drugs. Our previous studies included quantitative analyses of drug and impurities in tablets purchased through internet.

Lab Funding

  • Title: 3D Printing: Interdisciplinary Learning and Research across Pharmacy and Engineering Disciplines

    Funding agency: Presidential Transformational Teaching Grant (PTTG), Texas A&M University
    Investigators: Nutan MTH, Kuttolamadom M, Rahman Z
    Total cost: $60,000
    Duration: Jan 2020-Dec 2022

Recent Publications

  • Afrooz H, Rahman Z, Dharani S, Khuroo T, Mohamed EM, Nutan MTH, Reddy, IK, *Khan MA. Preparation and characterization of dicarboxylic acids salt of aripiprazole with enhanced physicochemical properties. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 26(4):455-463, 2021.
  • Afrooz H, Mohamed EM, Ali SFB, Dharani S, Nutan MTH, Khan MA, *Rahman Z. Salt engineering of aripiprazole with polycarboxylic acids to improve physicochemical properties. AAPS PharmSciTech, 22,article 31, 2021.
  • *Meny L, Seiferlein M, Chen AMH, Maerten-Rivera J, Pavuluri N, Behnen EM, Malinowski J, Kolluru S, Nutan MTH, and Medina MS. Administration and evaluation of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Curriculum Quality Surveys in pharmacy schools. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 85(3, March):article 8045, 2021.
  • Nutan MTH*, Ratka A, Rahman Z. Practical Handbook of Pharmaceutical Calculations, 1st ed. Sentia Publishing, Austin, TX, 2020.
  • Rahman Z, Dharani S, Ali SFB, Nutan MTH, *Khan MA. Effects of diluents on physical and chemical stability of phenytoin and phenytoin sodium. AAPS PharmSciTech, 21:article 104, 2020.