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Dr. Jayshree Mishra's Lab

Research Goals

The Mishra lab focuses on two areas:

  1. Target identification in drug discovery
  2. Developing novel biomarkers for early detection of childhood obesity and colon cancer.

Identifying therapeutic target for gastrointestinal complications:
We are broadly interested in understanding the post translational modification of the drug transporter on the intestinal epithelial cells and how these proteins regulate under normal and diseased states. Through our study we have identified drug transporter proteins (DTP) in the mechanisms of mucosal inflammation as it related to pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamical disposition of oral medications and obesity. Though several DTPs are expressed in the mucosal epithelial surfaces, there is no report on the epithelial specific transcriptional and translational regulations of key efflux functions mediated by these transporters. To our surprise, we found that key target proteins are tyrosine phosphorylated at key residues through posttranslational modification by previously unknown enzymes. So far, we have published our initial findings and are in the process of expanding the research through securing external funding

Biomarker discovery:
Our lab explores on developing (a) a novel non-invasive biomarker for the early detection of childhood obesity. As childhood obesity is quite prevalent in the South Texas where our goal is to develop a non-invasive early predicator of oral microbiome-based biomarker for childhood obesity to track the onset and progression of obesity in the pediatric population. This study was funded from Vishal Raju Bhagat Foundation since 2018. This is an ongoing project and expected to not only provide the preliminary data for subsequent significant funding but also give an insight information on the significance of the associations between oral microbiome and inflammation in rapid weight gain in children from ages 0-5yrs in our community. In future, our goal is to identify the specific group of pathobiont responsible for the inflammation associated obesity with an aim to develop tailored therapeutic interventions. (b) a  novel semi-invasive biomarker for an early detection of colorectal cancer. Conventional screening methods have several limitations including late-stage detection and post-detection patient survival, Currently, there is no screening procedure available to detect CRC at a very early stage. Based on our sub molecular understanding of intestinal restitution (Mishra etal JBC 2017), we have developed a probe and associated diagnostic kit that does prognosis of CRC at the pre-polyp stage, way earlier than any colonoscopy can pick-up. Our technology is based on epithelial mesenchymal transition that uses the mechanism that facilitates the transition of colonic epithelial cells from proliferative stage to a differentiated (non-proliferative) stage. This probe can not only play an important role in the early detection and treatment of patients with colorectal cancer but also increase life expectancy post detection. This project was awarded from Texas A&M PESCA grant in 2019, and now we have enough preliminary data to submit NIH grant.

Lab Funding

  • NIH-SBIR-GM109528 Kumar (PI) Mishra (Co-I); Development of a novel ELISA kit for screening potential JAK3 inhibitors. 06/2014-06/2016
  • TAMU-PESCA Mishra (PI: Mishra); Development of a novel biomarker for the early detection of colon cancer 06/2019- 07/2022
  • Vishal Raju Bhagat Foundation (PI: Mishra): Development of an oral microbiome based novel biomarker for the early detection of childhood obesity. 07/2018- 12/2020
  • Discovery Foundation (PI: Mishra): 01/2022- 01/2024 “Discovering a Novel Class of Jak3 directed Chemotherapeutic Agents for Treatment of Metastatic Triple-negative Breast Cancer”
  • Texas A&M research and Innovation ( PI: Mishra): 09/01/23-09/01/25-Advancing Discovery to Market Award: Discovering a Novel targeted Therapeutic to treat Triple negative breast cancer metastasis.


  • Jayshree Mishra and Narendra Kumar Jak3-SH2 domain targeted new class drugs for Triple negative breast cancer-brain metastasis (Disclosure Filed in 2023)
  • Jayshree Mishra and Narendra Kumar Artificial intelligence based new class of Jak3-targeted drugs for Triple negative breast cancer metastasis (Disclosure filed in 2023)
  • Narendra Kumar and Jayshree Mishra Sweat test based non-invasive diagnosis for lung cancer. (Disclosure Filed in 2023)
  • Narendra Kumar and Jayshree Mishra Smart drug for lung cancer (Disclosure Filed in 2023)
  • Narendra Kumar and Jayshree Mishra Jak3-SH2 domain targeted a new class drug for metastatic lung cancer. (Disclosure Filed in 2023
  • Kumar N, and Mishra J. A Novel High Throughput Assay for finding new Jak3 Interacting Compounds, Biomolecules, and Inhibitors. US Non-Provisional patent number US 14/483,622; US20150344934 A1. (Under negotiation for licensing).
  • Kumar N, and Mishra J. Methods of Screening for Janus Kinase 3 Interacting Compounds. United States Patent. Patent No.: US 9,739,779. Date of award: Aug 22, 2017.
  • Kumar N, and Mishra J. Biomarkers for Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer. TAMU-HSC. No.: 4812HSC18. Date: September 11, 2017


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