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Dr. Fatima Alshbool's Lab

Research Goals

The Alshbool lab focuses on two areas:

  1. The impact of e-cigarettes on platelet function and thrombogenesis.
  2. Investigating structural biology of platelet G-protein coupled receptors.  

The impact of e-cigarette exposure on platelet biology.
Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer, not only in the United States but also worldwide. Smoking has been found to be a major contributor to cardiovascular disease, and to be a major cause of morbidity and mortality. Additionally, platelets are known to play a major role in smoking-induced cardiovascular disease. To this end, e-cigarettes represent a relatively new form of smoking, and have been gaining popularity around the U.S., especially among the youth, pregnant women, and other vulnerable populations. The increase in their usage is primarily due to the perception that they are a safer alternative to cigarette smoking. Nonetheless, recent evidence demonstrated that e-cigarettes are not harm free or emission free devices, and that they do cause negative health effects on multiple systems, including the cardiovascular. However, whether e-cigarettes modulate platelet function, and increase the risk of thrombosis remains ill defined. Our goal is to determine the impact of e-cigarettes on platelet function and thrombus formation. We documented for the first time, using a novel model of whole body e-cigarette short term exposure that e-cigarettes enhance platelet function, modulate hemostasis and increase the risk of thrombogenesis.

Structural biology of platelet G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs).
While there is considerable interest in identifying agents that target platelet GPCRs, and many have been made thus far, the majority has failed thus far. To this end, we believe this is due to lack of information regarding their ligand-binding pocket and structural biology. To address these issues, we designed and characterized several function blocking antibodies that were designed against the ligand binding regions of platelet GPCRs. We observed that an antibody for the P2Y1 receptor and more recently the P2Y12 receptor block platelet activation and protect against thrombus formation. Additionally, we are characterizing the function-blocking activity of antibody raised against the ligand binding domain of the 5HT2A receptor. Information gathered via our studies can be used for designing small molecule inhibitors of these receptors, and/or these antibodies can themselves be purposed as therapeutic agents.


Lab Funding

  • 1R03 ES030486-A1 Alshbool (PI); The Impact of Third-Hand E‐Cigarette Exposure on Platelet Function and Thrombogenesis, NIEHS; 2020 - 2022. 
  • 18AIREA33960421 Alshbool (PI); Investigation of the Platelet 5HT2A and P2Y1 Receptors, AHA; 2018 – 2021/NCE    
  • R01HL145053-01A1 Khasawneh (PI), Alshbool (Co-I); The Impact of Third-Hand Smoke on Platelet Function and Thrombogenesis, NHLBI; 2019 – 2024
  • R21ES029345-01A1 Khasawneh (PI), Alshbool (Co-I); In Utero Third-Hand Smoke Impact on Platelet Function and Thrombogenesis, NIEHS; 2018 – 2022/NCE

Recent Publications

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Lab Members

ahmed alarabi

Dr. Ahmed Alarabi
Postdoctoral Research Associate